The Workd of Line, Ink, and Nude by Chang-Woo Seok

As of late, I’ve been fortunate enough to attend some really cool cultural events at the Korus House.  Tonight was the opening of Mr. Chang-Woo Seok’s calligraphy artwork.  Despite a life changing accident that resulted in a year and half of rehab and resorting to using prosthetic limbs, he still kept his head up.  With subject matters such as cyclists, people posing, in motion or straight calligraphy, Chang-Woo Seok has truly created a remarkable technique that blends calligraphy and painting.  Check out the photos below.  For those interested in seeing Chang’s art work, the Korus House will play host to the exhibit up until June 8th.  The Korus House is located at 2370 Mass. Ave.

I’m still in shock that he did this live piece in twenty minutes (give or take).

A lot of his calligraphy style paintings involve cyclists or humans in motion.

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